Navigating the legal industry’s rapid changes with Gerry Riskin of Edge International

With a long and intensive career, Gerry Riskin has made his name in consulting for law firms. He is a co-founding partner at Edge International, serving clients around the globe for nearly 40 years. His specialties include leadership, governance and structure within law firms. He has served on the Conference Board of Canada and is a Visiting Fellow for The College of Law in London among other universities.

Gerry is also an author, writing books such as The Successful Lawyer, Herding Cats, beyond KNOWING and Creating the Marketing Mindset. In addition to his consulting, he also serves as a workshop leader and a prolific speaker.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • How Gerry Riskin used business principles to begin his consulting firm
  • Why flexibility is so important for law firms
  • The psychology behind lawyers and why it matters
  • Surveying lawyers on remote working
  • Alternative legal services providers (ALSPs) and how it will change the future of law
  • The need for adaptation and optimization in law firms
  • Keeping up with technology and embracing change
  • Benchmarks of a healthy work culture

In this episode:

Most law firms are deeply rooted in tradition and heritage. Unique from other industries, lawyers tend to be similarly minded in their approach to work. This has led to success for some while leaving the rest in the dust. As the world is changing quicker than ever, doing it the old-fashioned way may not work anymore. It might be time to rethink how your firm operates.

This reevaluation requires a change of priorities, structure and mindset. The goal is to optimize your firm as much as possible, which means a lot of change. Few people know this more than Gerry Riskin, an internationally known consultant with more than 30 years of experience in transforming law firms. He has firsthand knowledge to update your firm, and now he offers his insight to you.

On this episode of the Spill the Ink podcast, Michelle Calcote King interviews Gerry Riskin, a co-founding partner of Edge International, to hear his advice on optimizing law firms. They go over the common stumbling blocks in the age of remote work and how to adapt. They then go into detail on how to keep up with technology, alternative legal services and the benchmarks of a healthy culture. Stay tuned!

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