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agency for complex B2B industries 

We get you. And we’ll make sure your clients do, too.

B2B industries are complex. Your message doesn’t have to be.

What’s the point of being smart if nobody understands what you have to say? We help complex businesses and professional services firms generate leads and build awareness through advanced content marketing and public relations.

You carefully craft a press release. You go through rounds of internal edits and approvals. The quote is massaged more than LeBron James’ ego. You send it out to...Read more +
I love a good Stephen King book — and not just because I’m into spooky stories and horror movies. The man can write. He knows how to develop characters, build...Read more +
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A few ways you can prevent media misinformation and errors: 1. Respond via email 2. Keep it brief 3. Ask to review…   July 18, 2019
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Reputation Ink client Lightfoot, Franklin & White wins Communicator Award of Excellence for new website

Reputation Ink, a business-to-business marketing and public relations agency for complex industries, is proud to announce client Lightfoot, Franklin & White LLC’s Communicator Award of Excellence for their website. The website won the highest level of recognition in the annual awards from the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts.

Reputation Ink president gives law firm PR tips on Lunch Hour Legal Marketing podcast

Reputation Ink’s principal and president, Michelle Calcote King, talked about law firm public relations as a guest on the Lunch Hour Legal Marketing podcast last week.