Your toolkit for thought leadership & ROI

At Rep Ink, we understand the pressure today’s marketers face—to do more with less budget, and to get results yesterday. New technologies and tactics are launched dailyit's tempting to believe the shiny NEW thing is the BEST thing for your marketing.

But that’s not how we roll. We set our clients up for success using a wide range of tech tools, but we always start with a solid strategy.

We set the foundation, then it’s time to knock the e-socks off of your prospects with content that feels like it was created just for them, and/or insights that solidify your expertise in your industry.

Choose your goals. We’ll help you get there:


  • Develop buyer personas to understand and connect to your ideal audiences

  • Integrate your sales and marketing efforts

  • Understand what content will resonate with your prospects for results

Lead generation  

  • Attract more website visitors  

  • Nurture qualified leads through email campaigns

  • Close more deals with high-quality content

Content marketing

  • Feed prospects the content in the right place, at the right time  

  • Solve problems in ways that turn prospects into customers

  • Educate and entertain at every touchpoint

Public relations

  • Establish yourself as a thought leader

  • Gain visibility for your company or your services

  • Get press in the publications that matter most to your audience

Marketing automation

  • Seamlessly integrate sales and marketing efforts

  • Amplify inbound marketing efforts through all-in-one marketing automation

  • Track and measure ROI and site analytics in a single platform

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