Content marketing

Content isn't king. It's every damn thing.

We're known for being good at getting companies' content engines purring. But what does this mean?

It means we have a proven system for getting companies' content programs up and running, producing quality content, promoting and distributing that content and generating sales leads. Our clients have generated millions in new business from our content marketing programs, and we’ve won some awards for our work along the way.

Why is this so important? Content marketing has emerged as the most effective strategy to reach today’s information-hungry B2B prospects. Here’s how we define content marketing:

Content Marketing Definition

Why do we do this? Craig Davis, the former Chief Creative Officer, Worldwide, of J. Walter Thompson (the world’s fourth-largest ad agency) summed it up pretty well:

Craig Davis Quote

So, we create stuff that people are interested in.

More specifically, we create blog posts, e-books, white papers, infographics, videos, webinars, case studies, e-newsletters, articles and more that our clients’ prospects are interested in. This attracts their prospects to them, helping them more easily sell to them. It’s really that simple.

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