Feed information-hungry B2B prospects quality content

The business-to-business audience is a demanding one. Business buyers want information. And they want lots of it. Detailed, quality information. On their own terms.

B2B marketers are time- and resource-challenged to meet this constant demand for information. Their prospects not only want to be educated, but are also looking for vendors that demonstrate expertise and prove how their offering saves them time, money and resources.

This tall order requires a constant stream of quality content, from white papers, to case studies, videos, e-books, articles and more.

We work with business-to-business marketers to power their content marketing and public relations programs, helping them:

      • Create high-quality, informational content to nurture prospects throughout the often-lengthy B2B purchase cycle. Our skilled B2B content writers interview subject-matter experts, conduct digital research, and provide drafts of content that require little-to-no edits. But we’re not just writers. We’re video marketers, too, translating our storytelling skills to the video medium.
      • Develop B2B marketing strategies, plans and budgets, assisting our in-house marketing partners by providing them with an outside perspective, fresh thinking and niche expertise in content marketing and public relations.
      • Secure media coverage in national business publications and broadcast outlets such as The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune, BusinessWeek, IndustryWeek, CNBC, MSNBC, Bloomberg, and Dow Jones, as well as niche trade publications.
      • Develop and manage lead generation programs, leveraging the high-quality content we create to capture lead information for sales outreach.

The business-to-business market is unique. Work with an agency that understands B2B prospects’ need to:

      • Convince a greater number of involved stakeholders and justify their decision to superiors, procurement and others involved with purchase decision.
      • Understand the technical aspects of a solution in great detail.
      • Be educated by their vendors, staying abreast of best practices through vendors’ blog posts and other content.
      • Remain in contact with vendors throughout the long sales cycle with a steady stream of information.
      • Be convinced with logical arguments, data and statistics.

Are you a B2B marketer challenged with feeding the content beast? Contact us today.


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