Law firm marketing & PR: Win with thought leadership


The legal marketing landscape can be tricky to navigate. Especially when bar laws that vary state by state dictate there’s no room for creativity and bold claims. And in many cases, even the use of “expertise” and “expert” are prohibited.

So how can law firms position themselves to gain industry authority and new business? Thought leadership. While establishing thought leadership is easier said than done, we’ve helped a wide range of law firms — from IP boutiques to bet-the-company litigators — solidify their reputations as industry leaders.

We know what resonates with each prospective audience, and have secured media coverage and awards for our legal clients in the publications that matter most — like The Wall Street Journal and Law360, to name a few.

Our approach to law firm public relations and legal thought leadership includes:

Proactively pitching bylined articles in relevant publications
Maintaining positive and valuable relationships with key journalists
Positioning attorneys as go-to resources for comments on stories
Announcing trial outcomes before they become yesterday’s news
Identifying industry awards that matter most and pursuing entries
Drafting case studies and attorney bios to position our clients as experts in their practice areas
Drafting clear and concise website copy that effectively tells a persuasive story

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