Attorney bios

As the most visited pages on law firm websites, it’s critical that lawyer bios capture readers’ attention, anticipate their questions, and respect their time.

Writing an effective attorney bio, however, is completely different from brushing up a resume. It requires a mental shift.

Throughout our years in business and collective decades of experience, we’ve written hundreds of bios. That background informs our approach to writing these essential marketing tools from start to finish.

The intro is critical

Bios should serve as an elevator pitch, convincing prospective clients to pick up the phone. That means the intro is critical. The best intros offer a story that encapsulates the attorney’s work and what he or she accomplishes for clients.

Just as we do with all our writing, we dig deep, using our journalistic interviewing skills to find the stories that will resonate with your clients. We look for conversation starters, intriguing anecdotes, and anything that would stop a potential client in their tracks when quickly browsing bios.

Our bios make you want to meet the lawyer (really)

Too many attorney bios are dull, dry and, honestly, make you hope you never, ever come across the lawyer in real life.

If bios are just a laundry list of every legal matter the attorney has ever dealt with and their law school credentials, what’s the message? Think: hackneyed, dull and self-centered.

We integrate with the firm’s overall voice and brand

While the truism remains — that clients hire lawyers and not law firms — bios should demonstrate that the firm has a team of smart, talented and personable lawyers.

If one bio sounds wildly different from the next, clients read into this inconsistency and conclude that the firm’s attorneys don’t play well together. At the very least, clients will know that they don’t communicate well enough to coordinate their marketing messages.

We work with law firm marketers, marketing partners and other stakeholders to understand a firm’s overall messaging and strategy  and incorporate that seamlessly across all attorney bios while still demonstrating each lawyer’s unique skillset.