Video marketing

Don’t just tell your story. Show it.

We’ll give it to you straight: Video isn’t optional anymore.

The majority of internet users watch videos every day, and online video will account for more than 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2020. Not only are audiences hungry for it, they engage with it. Companies that use video marketing grow their revenue 49% faster than those that don’t.

Video is the best way to quickly and effectively make an emotional connection with your audience — you can’t afford not to build that relationship with them. 

Our approach to online video

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Reputation Ink targets the sweet spot where your  strategic goals intersect with high production quality and the stories that make your organization human.

We create compelling narratives

Above all else, we’re storytellers. Anyone can shoot and edit a video nowadays — ask your nearest middle schooler with an iPhone — but crafting a compelling narrative is a different story.

Glitzy, contrived commercials and stiff corporate snoozefests aren’t our style. At Rep Ink, we produce  genuine, captivating, documentary-style videos that speak your organization’s truth. Our journalism background drives our ability to translate complex topics into concise visual stories while getting to the heart and human element of every project.

Our video marketing strategies meet your business goals

Video is great, but what’s the point if it doesn’t produce results? We develop video marketing strategies that meet business objectives and focus on measurable ROI.

We work with clients to establish the types of videos they need to achieve their individual goals and strategize how to promote and distribute them to target different stages of the buyer’s journey.

Between your vision and our storytelling ability, the possibilities are endless. For starters, here are some examples of the types of videos we produce:

      • Bios
      • Case studies
      • Company overviews
      • Explainers
      • How-to videos
      • Internal/training videos
      • Testimonials

Forms and calls-to-action can also be incorporated into videos to capture lead information and encourage viewers to actively engage with your content.

We produce high production quality videos

We leverage our experience in the TV news industry to produce broadcast-quality videos on industry-standard equipment and software. The production quality of a video reflects the brand behind it — it should reinforce the video’s message, not be a distraction. That’s why we strive to capture crisp video, record rich audio and control lighting to achieve the highest-caliber final product.

The process to creating your B2B marketing video

We start by understanding your business goals and strategizing how to produce your story to meet your vision. Your video is planned, filmed on-location and edited by video production professionals. We can also help you leverage your completed video by developing a strategic plan for promotion, distribution and engagement.

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