Award-Winning Marketing for AEC Firms

Thanks to the internet, the old ways to market architecture, engineering and construction firms no longer work. Companies can’t simply drone on about how awesome they are, no matter how slick their printed brochures look.

Buyers have learned how to evade and ignore marketing messages — especially at the workplace. That’s where content marketing and inbound sales come in. Today’s buyers want useful information that helps them do their jobs better. And done right, content marketing fills that need while fueling your sales pipeline with qualified leads. 

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Why AEC firms need content marketing to grow

  • The sales cycle is loooong — content helps keep your company top of mind while establishing authority and trust over time

  • The buying process is complex — multiple stakeholders are involved in the purchase decision, so establishing credibility is key  

  • Every project is complex and unique — when prospects are evaluating your firm, your project gallery won’t show them everything they need to help make a decision. Would you rather be viewed as an industry authority, or have to underbid your competitors every time.

Our team has helped clients achieve real ROI by shifting from salesy messaging to high-value content that addresses prospects’ problems.  

We’ll establish your firm as a thought leader and:  

  • Develop a content strategy that combines inbound and outbound marketing techniques

  • Attract high-value leads through useful content at every stage of the buyer’s journey

  • Nurture leads throughout the sales process via targeted lead nurturing campaigns

  • Establish your firm as a thought leader and go-to expert in the industry

  • Combine content marketing and inbound sales techniques for greater effectiveness and alignment between sales and marketing teams

Content marketing is a long-term strategy. The ROI won’t roll in overnight. But when it does, it will be well worth the effort. Don’t take our word for it:

  • 96 percent of B2B buyers want content with more input from industry thought leaders (Demand Gen Report, 2016)  

  • Only 17 percent of marketers say outbound practices provide the highest quality leads for sales (HubSpot, 2016)

  • Inbound organizations are 4X as likely to be effective (HubSpot)

Proven results for AEC firms

Our work for half-billion-dollar AEC firm Stellar won first place in the 38th annual Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Marketing Communications Awards competition among other awards.

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You build projects. We build relationships with top media.


We’ve cemented long-term relationships with excellent clients.

Justin Bridegan, Director of Marketing

"We have a deep-rooted relationship with the Reputation Ink team, turning to them for anything that calls for quality content and creativity, from our award-winning blog, Food for Thought, to our company website to our public relations efforts. Above all else, they’re relentless in their attention to detail, digging deep to understand the ins and outs of our various (quite complex) industries, then developing content that hits the sweet spot of Stellar’s expertise and the information our audiences seek. Whether it’s a marketing campaign, PR push or design project, the Rep Ink team has always delivered a quality product within the timeframe needed. Their value to our organization is demonstrated in the trust they’ve built throughout our 600-employee company over the years. When you can consistently rely on someone in our industry to deliver, that’s a beautiful thing."

John Clyde, Marketing Content Manager

Spot-on content strategy and development

The Reputation Ink team brings strategic expertise to every piece of content they create for us, whether it’s an informational e-book or an interactive quiz. They consistently deliver high-quality work that our audience will actually enjoy reading. Our brand tone is difficult to master, and they nail it as if they were a part of our internal marketing team.

Unlike other agencies, Rep Ink doesn’t wait around for instructions—they take the reins and find new opportunities for us to optimize our content and marketing strategy. Our best-performing content to date has been a key tool for our sales department and continues to generate leads over a year after it was launched. The best part about our working relationship is that the team makes it fun and seamless to collaborate and do great work, even from two time zones away.  

Eve Hutcherson, Director of Business Development
Frost Brown Todd

Reputation Ink has a strong skill set in understanding what motivates our audiences to make decisions and how we should craft communication to address that. For example, the copy on our CivicPoint site conveyed a strategic message that was so relevant to a prospect’s needs that it prompted her to call us for an in-person meeting, and she later became a large client. That’s a tangible result.


Across multiple assignments — including two new websites, case studies and marketing collateral — the responsive staff has delivered well-written and strategic content on time and budget.  

W. Bruce Patterson, Partner
Patterson + Sheridan LLP

“When our firm was building our robust, new website, we relied on Reputation Ink to write all of its content. Their team interviewed key partners and quickly came back with well-written content that combined the human and technical aspects of our firm. I was most impressed by their ability to research and provide accurate, technical information on our various intellectual property practice areas and case studies. We will definitely continue to partner with Reputation Ink for our writing and public relations needs.”