Current Openings

The title of this page is misleading, because, unfortunately, we’re not currently hiring. But hey, if you’d like to send us samples of your writing and get on our radar, we’d welcome it.

Here’s what we look for:

1. Serious writers. What do we mean by serious? We mean people who can go deep to understand a complex business, legal or technical concept and translate it into simple, compelling terms. And that’s hard to do. Lots of people think they can write. Very few actually can.

2. See above.

We’re kind of kidding, but honestly, the writing thing is pretty important. Even when it comes to video, writing is paramount, as good writing is clear thinking. And clear thinking is pretty much everything in marketing.

We take great writers and teach them the fundamentals of public relations and content marketing (if they don’t already know them). So, show us that you can write, and we might just find some work for you. Send an email to with a cover letter, resume and writing samples.

The ideal fit is a perfectionist who’s comfortable writing for all media — from bios to bylined articles and white papers — as well as pitching your prose to the appropriate media channels.
Sound like you? Say hello.