Building your personal brand through networking and business development with Steve Fretzin

Steve Fretzin is a three-time author, business development coach for attorneys and President of FRETZIN, INC. He is also a ProVisors Group Leader and host of the podcast, BE THAT LAWYER. Steve has 16 years of experience helping attorneys double or triple their books through engaging programs and free resources. 

At FRETZIN, INC., Steve uses his 20 years of coaching experience to work with attorneys in all practice areas. He provides business development coaching and training, peer advisory, strategy consulting, business planning and much more.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Steve Fretzin talks about why he started FRETZIN, INC.
  • Why is personal branding important today?
  • How to build your brand through business development: networking and personal infomercials
  • What are the common mistakes attorneys make in business development?
  • The importance of time management skills—and what you don’t learn in law school
  • The effects of COVID-19 on the business development process
  • How to leverage LinkedIn and email marketing
  • Steve’s advice for generating a specialization and finding your niche

In this episode:

In a competitive industry, how do you make your business stand out? What steps can you take to leverage your network and become an expert in your field? It turns out that law school doesn’t teach you everything you need to know about the industry—and that’s where Steve Fretzin comes in. 

According to Steve, if you want to be a successful attorney, you have to create a niche for yourself. To do so, you must build your personal brand and network. This allows you to specialize in your area of knowledge, become memorable in the community and be the go-to attorney for your field of expertise. Want to learn more?

Tune in to this episode of Spill the Ink, where Michelle Calcote King interviews Steve Fretzin, President of FRETZIN, INC. Steve shares advice on personal branding through business development, tips for time management (and other things that law school didn’t teach you) and how to leverage your digital networks. Plus, Steve reveals his process for helping lawyers find their niche. Stay tuned.

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