Ryan Haymore

From a Genesis

Born in the rambling hills of North Carolina to a large family, Ryan has always loved words – after all, it was his theatrical way with words that caused him to be noticed despite being the youngest of five. After community college, he gathered his belongings and ventured to the liberal oasis of Utah to attend the University of Utah.

There, Here, and Somewhere

After many Utahan winters, panic attacks, and lots of cheap wine, Ryan earned his bachelor’s degree in English and succeeded in having his poem “Coyote” win second place in a statewide contest; he has seven poems and one short story published in total. Ryan is also known for performing his poems, most notably at Salt Lake City Pride 2017 where he performed his poem “Eggs Benediction”. Ryan’s latest poem “The Human Policy” was published in the Penultimate Peanut Journal located in Orlando. In addition, Ryan has volunteered as social media coordinator for several non-profits, starred in an indie film entitled Born Again, and remains a guest columnist for The QSaltLake Magazine (his column is entitled “The Yodeler”. Yes, Ryan actually yodels).

Towards the Horizon

Ryan recently moved to Florida for a fresh start and to regain feeling in his fingers, not to mention being near family and the coast. He continues writing, volunteering, cooking, and is now on the hunt for his next big adventure, new wine find and clearance rack deal.