Eric R. Pesale
Account Coordinator

Eric is a writer, creative and former litigator who loves combining his passions for the law and marketing to help lawyers and executives meet their publicity goals.

Taking a Legal Career in a New Direction

Eric stumbled into the world of legal content writing and marketing after a chance connection on LinkedIn opened the door to his first column opportunity. As the chief legal contributor of Write For Law®, Eric would eventually work with numerous businesses, executives, lawyers, and professionals to create content campaigns that promote their thought leadership and expertise. He has also worked with companies and professionals in other regulated industries, including finance and healthcare.

Eric’s campaigns and contributions have been featured in CSO, Above the Law, The New York Law Journal, Fundera Ledger and even academic journals. He interviewed Fortune 500 general counsel, high-level executives, and Am Law 250 partners in the process. As an attorney, Eric has also contributed legal, business and technology articles to CSO, Fundera Ledger and various industry and vendor blogs. He has also shared his insights on legal and technology issues with multiple publications, including IBM’s Security Intelligence

Bookworm, Sports Fan and Avid Traveler

When he is not busy writing, chances are you’ll find Eric catching up on Curb Your Enthusiasm, working through a historical fiction novel or exploring new spots in his home state of Connecticut. He enjoys writing creatively, cooking, theatre and the arts, watching the New York Jets and New York Rangers, fantasy football and brushing up on his French. Eric also enjoys traveling. The farthest country he has visited so far is Japan.


  • Former litigator and experienced legal content writer
  • Avid traveler, bookworm and arts-goer
  • New York sports fan and fantasy football aficionado