Elevating law firms’ rankings with Chambers and Partners

Client situation

Our Chambers clients range from 20-lawyer boutique litigation firms and employment boutiques, to midsize full-service and litigation firms. Members of the Reputation Ink legal team have been guiding firms on Chambers submissions since the guide was established. We have years of experience knowing how to best support clients with their submissions.


Clients often come to us with a variety of Chambers submission needs. Every firm has a different process for how they handle their submissions, and we work with and support them based on their unique situation. Some require our involvement for the entire submission process while others prefer to collect the information and write a first draft for us to review. Regardless, we support clients at every stage of the Chambers process.

Our solution

We work with firms to meet them where they are on their Chambers submission and offer services based on the level of guidance and support they need. Our involvement can range from a few hours of high-level guidance up to 25 to 40 hours if we completely manage the entire process on behalf of the firm. Our services include:

  • Identifying the practice groups a firm wants to submit and advising on appropriate Chambers categories
  • Tracking deadlines and alerting firms when Chambers announces its research
  • Scheduling and giving ample notification two to three months ahead of submission deadlines
  • Holding initial input meetings to discuss the process for gathering submission information
  • Circulating a form to the firm that identifies exactly the information we need to collect for the submission for both the demographic and the matters sections
  • Drafting the submission, managing edits and follow-up
  • Advising on submission requirements and drafting effective matter descriptions
  • Providing advice regarding how to choose referees, particularly for those firms with unique matters or clients that do not fit neatly into Chambers’ requirements
  • Advising on steps to take to improve on previous rankings

Premier New York City-based litigation and employment firm representing a variety of clients, particularly those in the financial services and technology sectors

When this client came to Rep Ink, they had never been ranked in Chambers before, and wanted to submit for the first time. We guided them throughout the submission process, and the client handled the information-gathering portion, as well as the initial drafting. Rep Ink supported the editing and advised where to make the submission stronger.

The client was ranked in key practice groups the first year it submitted, and several lawyers were ranked for the first time. The firm now internally drafts its own submission, and we provide feedback on the initial drafts. We have worked with this client for several years and handle other public relations and content needs for the firm on an ongoing basis.

Mid-size full-service New York City-based law firm

When we began working with this client several years ago, we worked with one partner who wanted to promote her work in commercial and real estate litigation. She wanted the firm to become ranked in the Chambers USA guide, and asked us to help her with the firm’s first submission. The attorney took responsibility for collecting information and handled the first draft. We reviewed the submission and provided feedback and suggestions on where it could be stronger. The firm was ranked for two practice groups, and several attorneys ranked for the first time. We have advised on and edited their submission each year since.

Maryland-based plaintiff employment litigation firm

This firm had never submitted or been ranked in Chambers when they first began working with us. Despite being one of the main firms in Maryland for their type of work and the firm’s founder being a go-to source in media for employment law matters, neither the firm nor the founder had ever been ranked.

We provided a full range of support for their first submission. We collected information, drafted the submission, guided the firm through the references process and advised on which matters to submit. Due to the nature of the firm’s work, identifying references was complicated and we guided them through alternative options.

The first year the firm submitted to Chambers, both the firm and the founding partner were ranked in Band 1. We now assist the firm every year for their Chambers submission. The firm and founding partner have continued to rank in Band 1. An additional attorney has since been ranked as well.

Midsized civil defense litigation firm headquartered in the Southeast

This firm already had an established submission process with key practice areas and lawyer rankings when we began working with them, but was seeking guidance on how to make their submissions better to branch into additional practice areas. The firm drafts their initial submission, and we review it and provide feedback for improvement to make sure the firm is portraying itself in the best way possible.

Writing, editing and advising on Chambers matters and submissions are part of our ongoing relationship with the firm, and we handle all public relations and content marketing needs.