How Law Firms Can Master Responding to RFPs With Matthew Prinn of RFP Advisory Group

Matthew Prinn is the Principal of RFP Advisory Group, which partners with legal counsel who are looking to use the request for proposal — or RFP — process to better manage legal spend. Matthew also helps law firms win more RFPs and install an effective RFP response process. 

Matthew has nearly 20 years of experience working at small, large and mid-size law firms in the areas of business development, marketing, project management, pricing and operations. Prior to founding the RFP Advisory Group, Matthew spent 12 years at Am Law 100 firm K&L Gates, including six years as the firm’s Director of Business Development, where he oversaw nearly 1,000 RFPs in five years alone. 

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • The evolution of requests for proposal (RFP) in the legal industry
  • Trends impacting RFPs
  • How to work with procurement professionals
  • How to communicate your firm's value proposition in your RFP response
  • The rise of alternative legal services providers (ALSPs) and its impact on proposals
  • Best practices for responding to RFPs
  • Common mistakes that law firms make when responding to RFPs

In this episode:

While law firms tend to be traditional, the legal landscape is changing. Alternative legal services providers (ALSPs) and legal tech start-ups are just two examples of recent significant shifts. Among the industry changes has been the rise of requests for proposals, or RFPs, from in-house legal departments. 

RFPs have quickly become a popular option for managing outside counsel spend. They’re an attractive option for many prospective clients, but they are still relatively new, presenting challenges on both sides. So how do you get the most out of the RFP process?

Michelle Calcote King talks with Matthew Prinn, the Principal of RFP Advisory Group, about RFPs and how to use them the right way. They discuss the different trends happening right now, how firms can properly communicate their value proposition in their responses and how alternative legal services providers are affecting RFPs. They also touch on the mistakes that law firms make early on and how to avoid them. Hear the rest by tuning into this episode of the Spill the Ink podcast.

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