Why Industry Focus Matters More Than Location

Geography shouldn’t limit you from hiring the niche experts your company needs

Creating an ideal agency environment that maximizes client investment

Before founding Reputation Ink in Jacksonville, Florida, Michelle Calcote King worked for a variety of companies and agencies from the U.S. to England to Australia. She witnessed all extremes of the spectrum—from technology-resistant corporate cultures to virtual companies where consultants worked exclusively from home offices around the world. 

Her takeaway from this experience? Clients don’t care where an agency is located—they want a team that knows their industry, can meet their specific needs and isn’t delayed by a time-consuming learning curve.

Why is it worth hiring a specialized remote agency instead of a local agency? Because you shouldn't settle.

Technology gives you access to specialists in your industry, no matter where they are. Our team of marketers, PR pros, lead-gen strategists and writers has decades of specialized experience in niche B2B markets like AEC, legal and tech. We’re not an “all talk, no walk” agency that churns out fluff content. If complex research and technical writing are what you need, then you’re in the right place—no matter where you are.

We’ve invested a lot of time to become specialists in a few key industries and disciplines, understanding the value of niche expertise—and the value that focus brings to our clients. A number of our clients are based in business and tech capitals across the country, including New York City, Atlanta, Houston and Silicon Valley.

Why do they love us? They get high-caliber marketing at a cost-effective rate. Being located in Jacksonville means we can pass those lower cost-of-living efficiencies down to our clients—and the beach is nice, too!

Seamlessly serving clients from coast to coast

Although we’re based in Jacksonville, the majority of our clients aren’t. We’ve successfully worked with clients across the country practically since our inception, and that’s due in large part to our strategic approach.

We’re not PR consultants focused on schmoozing, name recognition and “raising awareness” without a return on investment. We employ a business-focused method that puts clients’ strategy and revenue goals first.

Reputation Ink is a tech-forward company, allowing us to work seamlessly as a team and with clients everywhere. Here’s what that looks like: 

 Industry Specialists Reputation Ink 

No matter where you're located, we can help you generate leads and build industry authority. 

More than 80 percent of Reputation Ink’s clients are based outside the Jacksonville area, and many have several offices across different states, time zones and countries. We’ve maintained numerous successful long-distance relationships over the years with clients we’ve never even met in person.

Michelle Calcote King
Principal & President
Reputation Ink
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