The power of research in content marketing with Michele Linn of Mantis Research

Michele Linn is a content marketing guru, having worked in the field since its early days. She is the Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Mantis Research, which publishes and spotlights research in marketing. She has written and published hundreds of articles on the subject, being recognized as one of Folio’s Top Women in Media in 2015.

Michele cut her teeth as the Head of Editorial at the Content Marketing Institute. She was the first employee hired there and helped the organization grow to an audience of 200,000 subscribers. She’s no stranger to podcasts either, having co-hosted the Marketing Breakout Podcast for six months.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • What does Mantis Research do, and why did Michele Linn start the company?
  • The variety of benefits and advantages of original research
  • Using research for PR and content marketing strategy
  • The key mistakes that marketers should avoid
  • Finding the people to survey in B2B research
  • How to properly market and promote your research

In this episode:

Data is the single greatest tool that any company has at its disposal. It can inform strategists, help you understand your audience and improve your product. However, there are even more uses that fewer companies consider. Research can be utilized as a powerful tool for content marketing and brand authority. From driving traffic to media mentions, there are few things that specialized market research can’t do for your department. 

This was the origin behind Mantis Research — helping marketers publish their research. Michele Linn founded it with experience as a content marketer herself. She saw the need for research, using it as a way to both build authority in your field and to grow awareness. She now works hands-on with marketing teams to get accurate and helpful research. Want to find out more?

In this episode of the Spill the Ink! podcast, Michelle Calcote King interviews Michele Linn, the Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer for Mantis Research, to find out more about how research can transform marketing and more. The two go through research and the common mistakes to avoid early on. They then dive deeper into the process, talking through strategy, finding the right people to survey and promoting your research.

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