Teaching you how to write and manage winning AEC proposals with Matt Handal of Help Everybody Everyday

Matt Handal is a specialist in proposals, helping architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) firms of all kinds write winning proposals for projects ranging from $500,000 to $2 billion. In 2009, he started his own agency, Help Everybody Everyday, which offers both proposal services as well as instructional training. 

Matt is best known for his book Proposal Development Secrets, which shares his insight for proposal development. His background in marketing for AEC companies gives him a unique and thorough perspective that he uses in his consulting work.


Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • The importance of learning how to write good AEC proposals
  • What are the biggest areas of improvement for AEC proposals?
  • Asking the right questions to get the best results
  • How to improve the overall process for firms
  • The newest trends in the proposal world and how that changes the writing
  • Can non-technical people write great technical proposals?
  • Should you invest in the visual presentation of proposals and contracts?
  • Using data to make the best decisions on proposals

In this episode:

What makes a winning AEC proposal?

Many firms don’t have a solid answer for the question. While marketing and business are common fields with plenty of education, there’s little focus done on the writing of proposals. However, that small component is becoming more important by the day. For architecture, engineering and construction firms, creating a nuanced and favorable proposal can rake in incredible profits. 

Matt Handal has dedicated his career to writing these proposals and teaching others how to do it. He’s submitted work in almost every state, and with 20 years of experience, he’s more than qualified to answer that initial question. 

In this episode of the Spill the Ink podcast, Michelle Calcote King interviews Matt Handal, the Founder of Help Everybody Everyday, to talk about the secrets behind writing a winning AEC proposal. They start by discussing what most people miss and the small changes they can make to improve. Then they break down the details such as non-technical people writing technical proposals, the newest trends and using data to your advantage.

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Reputation Ink understands how sophisticated corporate buyers find and select professional services firms. For the past 10 years, they have helped firms grow through thought-leadership fueled strategies, including public relations, content marketing, video marketing, marketing strategy services and more.

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