How to make virtual events more engaging, interactive and magical with Ken Sky

Ken Sky is an expert on virtual event production and is the primary producer and coach at Ken Sky Unlimited. He particularly specializes in Zoom meetings, transforming the mundane into engaging. He also works in seminars, conferences, ceremonies and all kinds of meetings. He is the Co-founder of a DIY executive coaching program.

Until recently, Ken also worked at the YMCA-YWCA of Winnipeg as a Childcare Supervisor. In addition, he also worked as a technical trainer and RESP account administrator, where he picked up his computer and presentation skills.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Ken Sky’s story on getting into virtual events and transforming Zoom calls
  • Who can benefit from better virtual events?
  • Overcoming the ease of distraction on Zoom calls
  • The different styles of content that work for events
  • Gamifying the online meeting experience for increased interaction
  • What technology is required to put on a great virtual event?
  • How to present yourself in the virtual space
  • The best ways to open and end a Zoom call
  • What the future holds for virtual and in-person events

In this episode:

Zoom calls have become an everyday routine for many of us. The technology has proved to be incredibly useful, but can frankly be rather dull. The loss of in-person connection along with increased distractions can make them difficult to sit through. As remote work continues to grow, there has been shockingly little innovation to the informal format. That’s why Ken Sky created a better way.

Ken Sky started his own virtual event agency called Ken Sky Unlimited. He discovered that online meetings can be engaging, informative and surprisingly fresh. Using a combination of personal tricks and technology, he has created a far better experience for workplaces across the nation. Now he shares those same tricks with you.

Michelle Calcote King talks with Ken Sky of Ken Sky Unlimited to hear how he makes the most of Zoom calls and other virtual events. He goes into detail on his process, how he utilizes his background in magic and keeps participants engaged. He then dives deeper into tips for online presentation and where remote events are heading in the future. Hear it all on this episode of the Spill the Ink podcast!

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