Holding law firms to a higher standard with Elizabeth Petit of Best Lawyers

Elizabeth Petit is the Director of Research and Development and Managing Editor at Best Lawyers. Her role involves oversight of planning, research and execution for the company’s programs, including Best Lawyers and Best Law Firms. She also works as Best Lawyers’ in-house Project Manager for any of their new business ventures. 

Elizabeth’s career branches into arts management at First Avenue Associates and as adjunct faculty of art history at the University of South Carolina. Despite her many roles, Elizabeth still finds time to volunteer at the Harvest Hope Food Bank.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • How Elizabeth Petit of Best Lawyers went from an art historian to a legal editor
  • Best Lawyers’ process for ranking law firms
  • The common mistakes lawyers make in their rankings
  • Encouraging clients to give feedback and recommendations
  • What makes Best Lawyers different from other rating services?
  • How Best Lawyers handles diversity in their practice
  • The different ways law firms advertise their ranking

In this episode:

The conversation continues on the in-depth process of ranking law firms. In the last episode, Michelle Calcote King spoke with Michael Rafalowich of Benchmark Litigation. This week, she talks with Elizabeth Petit of Best Lawyers about their unique approach to law firm rankings.

Best Lawyers is the only purely peer-reviewed resource for law firms and lawyers. Their methodology is designed to reflect the thoughts of other leaders who have worked directly with the nominee. They attempt to remove outside influences and accurately report the common consensus. For more than 30 years, they have remained one of the most important references in the legal world. Now they reveal more of their process and what you need to know for your rankings.

Michelle Calcote King hosts Elizabeth Petit, Director of Research and Development and Managing Editor at Best Lawyers, to learn more about how they rank law firms. They go over their qualifications, how they consider diversity and their response to feedback. Elizabeth then goes over the common mistakes and best advice for law firms to help their rankings. Find out all this and more on this episode of the Spill the Ink! podcast.

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