Ghostwriting for law firm thought leadership marketing content

Wayne Pollock is a former BigLaw (Am Law 50) senior litigation associate and the current Founder of Law Firm Editorial Service. The team at Law Firm Editorial Service ghostwrites BigLaw-quality thought-leadership marketing materials for law firms so that attorneys can market themselves while staying billable. 

Wayne is also the Founder of Copo Strategies, a hybrid legal services and communications firm focused on helping lawyers and their clients ethically, strategically, and proactively engage the court of public opinion. His counsel incorporates media strategy, legal strategy, ethics compliance, and defamation avoidance.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Wayne Pollock explains why he founded his ghostwriting company, Law Firm Editorial Service
  • Why should law firms consider using a ghostwriting service, and what kind of return on investment can they expect?
  • The cumulative effect of thought leadership content
  • What are the ethical implications of working with a ghostwriter?
  • Wayne’s best practices for crafting engaging content
  • The importance of performing conflict checks on your thought leadership content
  • What three questions should lawyers answer when writing content?
  • Wayne discusses how thought leadership content can dramatically increase referrals

In this episode…

Without a doubt, the most effective methods for attorneys to market themselves are through thought leadership and content marketing. However, when lawyers are creating marketing content such as blog posts, they’re taking away valuable time from their billable matters—ultimately decreasing the amount of revenue they are bringing into their firm. 

So, how do you effectively market yourself to potential clients while still staying billable? According to Wayne Pollock, the Founder of Law Firm Editorial Service, the solution is simple: hire a ghostwriter. Wayne and his team of ghostwriters create thought leadership marketing materials for law firms of all sizes—so attorneys can continue to bring in revenue without missing out on the benefits of a great marketing strategy. 

Tune in to this episode of Spill the Ink as Michelle Calcote King is joined by Wayne Pollock, the Founder of Law Firm Editorial Service. Wayne provides his insights into the valuable benefits of using a ghostwriter to create thought leadership marketing content. He also discusses the types of attorneys that can benefit from ghostwriting services, his best practices for creating engaging blog posts, and how thought leadership content leads to more referral sources. Stay tuned.

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Founded by Michelle Calcote King, Reputation Ink is a marketing and public relations firm that serves corporate law firms of all shapes and sizes across the United States.

Reputation Ink understands how sophisticated corporate buyers find and select law firms. For the past 10 years, they have helped law firms grow through thought leadership field strategies, including content marketing, video marketing, public relations, lead generation services, and more.

The Reputation Ink team includes former journalists and PR professionals with decades of experience securing coverage in outlets such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Law360, The American Lawyer, The National Law Journal, and many more.

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