Accelerating business development for law firms with David Ackert of Ackert Inc.

David Ackert is a pioneer in business development innovation and is the Founder and President of Ackert Inc. He has over two decades of experience in developing revenue acceleration programs, including Trainer, Viewer and PipelinePlus. He serves as Founder for the Executive Roundtables for Law Firm Leaders and The Business Development Institute, both of which seek to give lawyers the tools they need to succeed.

David has mentored thousands of professionals over his extensive career. He continues to serve as a keynote speaker at partner retreats and guest lecturer at universities such as UCLA and USC. He also hosts the Market Leaders Podcast, where he interviews thought leaders in the legal marketing industry.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • David Ackert explains what Ackert Inc. offers in the marketplace
  • How is PipelinePlus different from other CRM systems?
  • The ways that Ackert Inc. is tailoring their software for different law firms
  • How do you counteract resistance from lawyers when introducing new technology?
  • Common personality traits among lawyers and how it affects business development
  • The psychology behind legal marketers 
  • How COVID has changed business development and networking
  • Where is technology heading for law firms?

In this episode:

Amidst the constant grind of law firms, technology can oftentimes be ignored. Priority is placed either on tradition or more immediate concerns, leaving little room for advancement. Business development then gets pushed to the side when it could be the main source of growth. David Ackert has noticed this gap left by underutilized CRMs and has sought to fill it with his company, Ackert Inc.  

David Ackert is a business development mentor, having two decades of experience in revenue acceleration programs. His company has tailored its services to fit each law firm and created software like PipelinePlus and Trainer to help their clients with business development. His expertise has helped thousands of professionals utilize practical technology and grow their practice.

On this episode of the Spill the Ink Podcast, Michelle Calcote King sits down with David Ackert, Founder of Ackert Inc., to find out his approach to business development. They talk about what separates PipelinePlus from other CRMs, the psychology behind lawyers and legal marketers and where technology is heading from here. Stay tuned to learn all this and more!

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