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Chris Dreyer is the Founder and CEO of, an SEO agency that helps elite personal injury law firms secure cases through Google’s organic search results. Chris and his team have helped clients across the nation dominate first page rankings and generate millions of dollars using SEO. 

Chris is also an official member of the Forbes Agency Council and the host of The Rankings Podcast, where he interviews top founders, entrepreneurs, and elite personal injury attorneys.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Chris Dreyer talks about, his SEO agency for elite personal injury law firms
  • What affects your ranking on Google, based on real data? 
  • Chris shares how to make great SEO content—and how content strategies have changed over the years 
  • Is long content still effective?
  • Chris’ best practices for link building: community outreach, directories, and more
  • The key to ranking on Google Maps 
  • What is a proprietary platform, and how does it impact your business?

In this episode…

Optimization, SEO, rankings: these are words that are often casually tossed around when talking about content strategy. But, what do they actually mean, and why should you pay attention to them as a legal professional? 

Chris Dreyer, an SEO expert, has been crafting stellar content strategies for personal injury attorneys over the past several years. He knows all the secrets and strategies for dominating first page rankings on Google, driving traffic to your website, and building your credibility online. So, what is his expert advice for lawyers and law firms looking to optimize their online presence? 

Listen in to this week's episode of Spill the Ink, featuring host Michelle Calcote King and guest Chris Dreyer, the Founder and CEO of Together, they discuss SEO dos and don'ts for personal injury attorneys, the importance of building an optimized content strategy, and why link building is essential for driving traffic to your website. Chris also shares his thoughts on whether or not your law firm should use a proprietary platform. Stay tuned.

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