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Melissa Costello is the Creative Lead and Chief Storyteller at Her passion is found in telling the stories of people and businesses through creative video marketing. She started the company in 2016 and has worked with clients such as Magic Johnson and President Barack Obama. 

Melissa has been awarded domestic and international honors for the videos she produced over a 30-year career. Now she applies those same skills to help companies of all sizes establish their brand.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Melissa Costello tells how she got into the video marketing industry
  • Melissa’s strategies for getting attorneys to tell their stories through videos
  • Why is video such an effective medium?
  • Behind the scenes of marketing and branding videos
  • How has the internet changed the process of video marketing?
  • Which stories over the years have stood out to Melissa?

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In this episode:

Marketing, when broken down to its core idea, is telling a story to sell a product. Oftentimes, the latter half of that process is what gets emphasized. Traditional marketing can feel rote and predictable to audiences, failing to connect when it should. Meaningful storytelling in video marketing, however, can engage both potential clients and the business itself. It’s a bold change of pace that is not only compelling but also effective.

Melissa Costello specializes in these kinds of marketing videos, designed to build brands and tell their stories. She knows what works, having notable clients such as Mayor Rahm Emanuel and President Barack Obama. She recently has been focusing her award-winning storytelling on businesses, and now shares those same concepts with you.

On this episode of Spill the Ink, Michelle Calcote King sits down with Melissa Costello, Creative Lead and Chief Storyteller of, to talk about how to sell through storytelling. From knowing how to use emotion to learning how she makes her videos, Melissa walks listeners through her in-depth process. They also dive into Melissa’s early career and how she found her unique passion. Stay tuned!

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