Nurturing leadership and culture within law firms with Marcie Borgal Shunk of The Tilt Institute

With more than 20 years of experience consulting with law firms, Marcie Borgal Shunk has been described as a "sociologist of lawyers." As the President and Founder of The Tilt Institute, Marcie trains and coaches leadership teams and emerging leaders to create dynamic plans, shift mindsets and motivate action. Through The Tilt Institute, Marcie offers analytics, leadership training and coaching, cultural assessments, and more to help law firms transform their businesses.

Prior to founding The Tilt Institute in 2016, Marcie was a Principal at The BTI Consulting Group and a Senior Consultant with LawVision Group. She is a graduate of Harvard University.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Law firms aren’t immune to the “Great Resignation” — law firms of all sizes are grappling with widespread poaching, understaffing, salary wars and burnout. How can law firms survive this period of turmoil in the labor market?
  • How can law firms create a lasting, tangible impact on leadership development for their attorneys?
  • Why is there such a disconnect between the skills that make a lawyer rise in prominence and those that make an effective leader?
  • How has the pandemic impacted how lawyers lead?
  • How can law firms evaluate their current culture and achieve their ideal culture?
  • What does culture look like in a hybrid world?
  • How are law firms responding to the increased demand for data analytics, research and intelligence?
  • How do you use data to get firms to think differently about their market opportunities, their strategies, their talent pool, and more?
  • What process do you employ to help people understand how to connect the dots between the data and the application of the data?
  • What three types of data are crucial to understanding law firm performance, and why are they so difficult to leverage?

In this episode:

Marcie Borgal Shunk specializes in helping law firms shepherd significant transformation. Her firm, The Tilt Institute, offers leadership services and analytics to guide her clients towards greater success. Across 20 years of experience as a consultant and analyst, she’s learned the key principles of great leadership. Want to know what they are?

In this episode of the Spill the Ink podcast, Michelle Calcote King hosts Marcie Borgal Shunk, the President and Founder of The Tilt Institute, to discuss how to further develop leadership and culture in law firms. The two talk about the current challenges that firms are facing and how to overcome them. They also touch on the tenants of a great culture, how to use data and what it takes to be a good leader.

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