Managing partner series: Aaron Y. Strauss of A.Y. Strauss

Aaron Y. Strauss is the Founder and Managing Partner of A.Y. Strauss, a firm that provides legal counsel for commercial transactions and litigation in the areas of commercial real estate, construction contracting, labor and employment, bankruptcy and franchising law. At A.Y. Strauss, Aaron is responsible for establishing the firm’s long-term strategy and vision. He oversees a team of nationally recognized attorneys who deliver top-level professional work and personalized, highly responsive service. 

Before founding A.Y. Strauss, Aaron practiced at Kelley, Drye & Warren LLP and Riker, Danzig, Scherer, Hyland & Perretti LLP. Aaron was recognized as a “rising star” in commercial real estate law for four years in a row by Super Lawyers Magazine.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Aaron Y. Strauss discusses why he decided to start his own firm 
  • What Aaron looks for in employees and clients to create a great culture
  • Aaron’s marketing strategies — and how they changed from when he first started his firm
  • How can your firm grow exponentially?
  • Why it’s important to be strategic about your network
  • Aaron talks about how he continues to learn within the industry and how he uses social media
  • Aaron’s advice for managing partners who want to build a better culture
  • What are the biggest changes happening in the business of law today, and how has COVID-19 initiated change?

In this episode:

To succeed as a small law firm, you don’t have to compete with the big companies; you just have to build your brand and reputation to do work on par with the large firms. So, how exactly can you do this? And how do you stay on track for exponential growth? 

As someone who has started his own firm, Aaron Y. Strauss knows how to build a fantastic team and culture. According to Aaron, business development is about trust, patience and providing a large platform for opportunity. When you focus on these areas, you’ll be able to grow with your clients, expand your network and build a reputation for your firm. 

In this episode of Spill the Ink, Michelle Calcote King is joined by Aaron Y. Strauss, Founder and Managing Partner of A.Y. Strauss, to talk about building your law firm’s brand and culture. Aaron discusses how to succeed and adapt to changes as a young lawyer, what to look for when hiring your team, his social media tips for smaller brands and how to develop a culture that aligns with your firm’s values. Stay tuned!

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