Raising the Standards for Legal Surveys and Awards with Kerry Benn of Law360

Kerry Benn is the Director of Series, Surveys and Data of Law360, working with her team to manage their data and surveys. The subscription-based news source has a staff of over 170, staying up to date on legal developments and intellectual property. She has worked for the news outlet for more than eight years, starting as an Assistant Managing Editor. 

Kerry has had a rich career in editing, also working for the Dow Jones and Mail Tribune before her current position. Outside of her work, she was a champion on Jeopardy back in 2017.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Kerry Benn explains her transition from journalism to directing a data team
  • How Law360 conducts their research and surveys
  • The ways Law360’s data differs from other legal publishers
  • Assessing and selecting submissions for awards 
  • Advice for law firms on improving their chances of being featured
  • The problem with confidential information in award submissions
  • Should smaller law firms submit to Law360?
  • Seeing the tangible impact of these awards on law firms

In this episode:

There is plenty of competition for legal news and awards. Many publications put out their lists for the best lawyers and law firms, each attempting to be the definitive ranking. Additionally, the reporting from some websites can lack depth or variety. Both categories are flooded with options, but how many live up to the standards they set forth? Which publications can be trusted to provide accurate information?

Law360 is a news source that commits themselves to a greater level of quality and integrity. Their website has grown considerably over the years, expanding their reporting to every corner of the legal industry. They recently launched Law360 Pulse to dive even deeper into the business of law, including in-depth surveys and research. Along with their trusted rankings, they have set the bar high for legal journalism. Now they’re willing to talk through their process for the law firms that want to get ahead.

Michelle Calcote King takes time to speak with Kerry Benn — Director of Series, Surveys and Data at Law360 — to learn more about Law360’s approach to legal journalism and law firm awards. Kerry walks through the introduction of their new Pulse section and how it explores underrepresented sections of legal business. They then discuss Law360’s rankings and what you can do to help your chances of selection. Learn all of this and more on this episode of the Spill the Ink! podcast.

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