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Robert Algeri is the Co-founder of Great Jakes, a website and brand design agency that builds the world’s most advanced—and effective—websites for law firms. At Great Jakes, Robert and his team believe that no two attorneys are the same. That’s why they help create small, highly customizable websites for each attorney that can fit within the firm’s larger website. 

In addition to his legal marketing work at Great Jakes, Robert is an author, speaker and active member of the legal marketing community. Over the years, he’s held multiple board and committee positions in the Legal Marketing Association. His writing has appeared in LMA’s Strategies Magazine, ALM’s Marketing the Law Firm and The National Law Journal. Robert co-authored the whitepaper “Market Positioning for Law Firms” to help firms differentiate themselves from competitors.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Robert Algeri discusses the benefits of strong market positioning
  • How can you reduce the number of competitors?
  • Robert shares advice for firms that are fearful of narrowing their focus area
  • The three different types of positioning for your law firm
  • How has the legal market developed over the years?
  • Robert’s tips for substantiating your firm’s positioning
  • Growth and trend changes within the marketing industry—and how you can keep up
  • One of the most important technological advancements: website speed

In this episode:

Strong market positioning is essential for developing your law firm and distinguishing it in the eyes of potential clients. The key to doing so? Narrow down your firm’s focus area to highlight your expertise.

According to Robert Algeri, marketing demands are rapidly evolving with new technological advancements. By demonstrating your specialized expertise, you can eliminate competition and attract the attention of your ideal clients. So how exactly can you narrow your firm’s focus?

In this episode of Spill the Ink, Michelle Calcote King talks with Robert Algeri, Co-founder of the marketing agency Great Jakes, about strategies you can use to gain strong market positioning for your law firm. Robert discusses the three different types of positioning, his approach to digital marketing and how you can generate more revenue by focusing on your expertise. Stay tuned. 

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Founded by Michelle Calcote King, Reputation Ink is a marketing and public relations firm that serves corporate law firms of all shapes and sizes across the United States.

Reputation Ink understands how sophisticated corporate buyers find and select law firms. For the past 10 years, they have helped law firms grow through thought leadership field strategies, including content marketing, video marketing, public relations, lead generation services, and more.

The Reputation Ink team includes former journalists and PR professionals with decades of experience securing coverage in outlets such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Law360, The American Lawyer, The National Law Journal, and many more.

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