No cutting corners: Converting highly technical information into successful AEC PR and thought leadership

Client situation

Victaulic is a global producer of mechanical pipe-joining, flow control and fire protection solutions for complex piping applications. Founded in 1919 and driven by a spirit of continuous innovation, Victaulic products and engineered solutions have been integral to some of the most demanding construction projects over the past century, bringing innovative productivity, confidence and sustainability to every build around the world.


Victaulic’s solutions and services span several extremely technical industries ranging from fire protection to plumbing and potable water, infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, and energy. These industries require hairline precision and a holistic engineering approach to design and construct complex systems effectively. There is no such thing as cutting corners when marketing and positioning a company in these sectors. Effective messaging is only possible when a team understands the technical concepts behind the engineering and can translate them into language that resonates with audiences at every rung of the ladder — engineers, contractors and owners.

Victaulic needed a PR partner who could quickly and thoroughly learn the intricate needs of its customers, markets and products and effectively craft narratives that resonated with each of them.

Our solution

Reputation Ink has an intimate understanding of architecture, engineering and construction (AEC) markets after more than a decade of representing clients in the industry. This allows us to skip the high-level questions and industry research that generalist agencies must spend time on and focus on the specific needs of our clients.  

While our onboarding process typically occurs remotely, in this instance, Victaulic invited our team to its headquarters in Easton, Pennsylvania, for a three-day training session that covered the company’s history, products, customer base, and business goals. From there, we applied our most effective strategies to gain a comprehensive understanding of their niche industries. This involved:

  • Holding discovery meetings with key subject-matter experts (SMEs) and using knowledge extraction techniques that enable us to get the most mileage out of every call

  • Preparing and managing media lists and editorial calendars for Victaulic’s commercial and industrial markets in the U.S. and Canada

  • Establishing regular meetings with Victaulic’s market leads to discuss ongoing projects, proactive pitch ideas and marketing needs

  • Working collaboratively with marketing personnel and SMEs to develop a wide array of technical content, including case studies, bylined articles and technical papers for industry conferences


Clients benefit from working with professionals who understand their industry and can effectively communicate even the most technical information. We’ve hit the ground running with Victaulic, helping reinforce their position as industry thought leaders and expand their reach with every effort.

We’ve helped them secure case study and thought leadership placements in their tier-one publications, including:

We’ve also leveraged our relationships with key journalists and trade publications to help Victaulic’s sales and marketing teams maximize their time and investment at industry conferences like Autodesk University and AHR Expo. Our team has helped organize media booth visits, compiled reports on attending media and worked with SMEs to identify the best ways to position them when being interviewed.

Having proved that we can keep pace with their SMEs, the Reputation Ink team has also been trusted to support Victaulic’s engineers with writing, editing and fine-tuning lengthy technical paper submissions for conferences like UESI Pipelines and WEFTEC. 

“I’ve been impressed with Reputation Ink’s writing and their ability to learn our business. These aren’t easy topics to pick up on, but we trust that they’ll always deliver something we can be proud of,” said Bethany Thornton Baltz, Marketing Director. “We appreciate their willingness and responsiveness to jump in on projects, whether it’s breaking into a new market, announcing a new product launch or translating our project success into well-told stories.”