Mas Energy

Positioning a new energy company and helping it grow with quality content and PR


Mas Energy, LLC develops and operates energy systems for some of the world’s largest companies and investors. The company’s approach centers on turnkey project development with a focus on renewable, clean and critical energy.


In 2011, Mas Energy had a team of industry veterans with a combined 70 years of energy-development experience. After its initial project successes, the company needed to partner with a professional marketing firm to further the company’s brand and communicate Mas Energy’s unique value proposition to its sophisticated audiences.

Our solution

Laying a strategic foundation

We began by re-developing the website, working with our technical partner to design and develop a site that showcased the company’s markets, professionals, expertise and projects. Effectively positioning Mas Energy required diving deep into the complex energy industry to gain a full understanding of the market and the company’s place in it. We visited power plants, interviewed engineers and learned the technical concepts necessary to develop case studies that demonstrate the company’s abilities and success.

Building out quality content and PR opportunities

Once Mas Energy’s messaging was solidified, we began creating strategic content to help the company demonstrate its unique value proposition. Our plan of attack included: 

  • Case studies

  • Award submissions

  • Marketing collateral

  • PR and media relations

  • Partner and client testimonials

Mas Energy also wanted to promote positive public perception and credibility, so we pitched the company to trade publications, crafted award-winning submissions and achieved positive press coverage. As a small company working alongside utility juggernauts and big brands like Coca-Cola, Georgia Power and Republic Services, Mas Energy had to demonstrate its legitimacy. Quality content and a targeted PR strategy helped them do it.

Highlighting proof of performance For example, with our help, a Mas Energy project was named one of six top renewable plants worldwide by Power Magazine. Mas Energy leverages the beneficial press coverage, industry awards and other content as credentials to grow its business.

Rep Ink’s game plan helped Mas Energy demonstrate its ability to successfully develop complex energy systems that provide exceptional, risk-adjusted returns.

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