Securing legal media coverage for significant news

Client situation

We support a wide range of legal industry clients with press release writing, distribution, follow up and coverage tracking. Our clients include boutique and midsize litigation firms, midsize full-service firms, legal tech companies, alternative legal services providers and industry/specialist bar associations. They come to Reputation Ink for this work because, as a specialist legal PR agency, we know their market, the media they should target and the messages that resonate with their audiences.


Clients rely on our leadership when announcing significant news with a press release. We understand how important these events are for a firm’s culture and their overall growth and business development plans. They turn to us for advice regarding how to best announce news, what kind of news to promote, timing and media outreach strategies. Examples of the kind of news we help clients announce through press releases include new hires, partner promotions, associate bonuses, award wins, new product launches, litigation victories, deal closings and more.

Our solution

When a client alerts us to significant news, we begin a strategic process to evaluate the announcement and determine the best way to proceed. This includes:

  • Holding input calls with stakeholders and reviewing background materials (court opinions, verdicts, initial complaints, internal memos regarding lateral hires, background product information)
  • Drafting a press release to best convey the news, including key messages and quotes from spokespeople (practice group leaders, managing partners, product leads)
  • Developing additional press package materials, as needed, such as FAQs, fact sheets, bios and attorney headshots
  • Facilitating the review process and securing all relevant approvals
  • Determining the best media strategy and creating a media list with priority reporters and editors identified
  • Discussing whether the news merits giving an exclusive to a certain outlet to help ensure coverage
  • Pitching the release to targeted media contacts, conducting follow-up, arranging interviews and tracking for coverage
  • Advising the client on how to make use of media coverage through website news items, social media posts, inclusion in RFP responses and more. Depending on how the client will use a particular media clip, we also advise on purchasing the appropriate reprint rights

For breaking news, the above elements may be condensed due to time constraints, but we offer the same strategic approach regardless of how urgent an announcement is.


Below are results we have secured for clients through press releases announcing a variety of news.

New hire

Our client, a midsize Texas firm with several offices, hired a new lateral partner and wanted to secure press coverage about the attorney’s move to the firm.

We secured the relevant information from the firm (attorney’s name, practice, past notable work). We also discussed the key messages the firm wanted to communicate through the press release about why the lateral hire was important, what the attorney would mean for the firm’s capabilities and the benefit for clients. Based on that information, we drafted a press release and ghost wrote quotes for key spokespeople. After working with the firm on edits and securing final approval, we distributed the release to key local, regional and national media, including legal trades.

The client received coverage from Law360, which ran a profile of the new hire. Texas Lawyer also included the move in its Newsmakers section.

Diversity, equity and inclusion initiative

Our client, a midsize litigation firm based in the Southeast, initiated several new diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts. One of the firm’s priorities was securing Midsize Mansfield Rule certification from Diversity Lab. It joined a cohort in 2021 and was designated Midsize Mansfield Rule Certified Plus in May 2023. The certification was a major signal that the firm takes diversity seriously and a key component of its recruiting efforts. Because of this, the firm wanted to promote the news. 

The Reputation Ink legal team drafted a press release announcing the certification. We worked with the firm’s chief marketing officer to secure relevant information and also developed placeholder quotes for the firm’s managing partner. After a round of edits and final approval, we distributed the release to local, regional and national media, including legal trades. The local Business Journal publication, which reaches key audiences for the firm, covered the news.

Deal closing

Our client, a mid sized corporate law firm, facilitated a major acquisition for a large insurance brokerage and wanted to announce the transaction. We held an input call with the lawyers involved in the deal, reviewed related materials, developed relevant quotes and drafted a press release. Once approved, we distributed the release and secured prominent local coverage.

Lawsuit announcement

Our client, a leading New York City litigation firm, filed a lawsuit on behalf of a former bank executive who had his career and personal life ruined after being unfairly targeted in an internal investigation and subsequent criminal prosecution. The firm’s client was later cleared of all wrongdoing, but the damage had been done. He engaged our client to file a malicious prosecution lawsuit against his former employer. The original case, which had not been handled by our client, had been a major scandal in the financial sector, and the firm wanted awareness for the new lawsuit and its role in handling this type of high-profile case.

The firm alerted us to the lawsuit several weeks before they intended to file, which gave us ample time to prepare and develop a strategy. We held input calls with the lead attorneys on the case as well as the firm’s client and also reviewed past coverage of the original investigation and prosecution. Based on the information we gathered, we drafted a press release along with quotes for the lead lawyer and the client. At the same time, we developed a media list, prioritizing key financial and legal reporters with major outlets. Given the importance of the case, we suggested that the firm give an embargoed exclusive to a leading financial media outlet. This was approved, along with the press release.

We reached out to the chosen reporter, offering the embargoed exclusive. We arranged interviews and the reporter published a story the day the firm filed the lawsuit.

Litigation victory

Our client, a midsized litigation firm based in the Southeast, represented a major Southern city in a lawsuit against a multinational conglomerate over a failed water meter and billing system that led to residents receiving grossly inflated bills. The firm won a very large settlement for the city.

The Rep Ink legal team had helped announce the lawsuit when it was filed, as we had been kept informed of progress on the case. When the lead lawyers had confirmation of a settlement, they immediately alerted us, and we drafted a press release. This included a quote from the city’s mayor. Once approved, we distributed the release to local, regional and national media, including legal trades and broadcast outlets. The initial water bill story had received significant media attention and we had researched appropriate media contacts, including those that had covered the issue before. Our efforts resulted in widespread local coverage of the settlement as well as mentions in national media outlets and legal trades.

Legal tech product launch

Our client, a legal technology company based in the U.S. and UK that develops solutions for large law firms, created a chatbot product to help attorneys and staff interface with a variety of internal systems through a centralized messaging app. This was a novel solution and unique to the marketplace.

We met with the client to discuss the product and reviewed relevant documentation. Based on this information, we developed a press release, including quotes from the product lead. Drawing on our extensive knowledge of the legal tech media space, we identified a key outlet that is read every day by industry insiders as well as those in charge of law firm IT departments. We recommended providing that outlet with an exclusive on the product launch.

When approved, we sent the press release as an exclusive to the main journalist at the outlet, who expressed interest. We then arranged a demo of the product and an interview with the lead spokesperson. In addition, we provided screenshots of the product in action that could be used in the article. The outlet published the article and we alerted the client. Once the first article published, we pitched the release to additional legal technology trades and secured additional coverage.