How lawyers can get more speaking engagements

When you think of the events and conferences that you've attended, what do you remember most about the keynote speakers? What made them stand out as a speaker—and how can you do the same at your next speaking engagement? 

Speaking opportunities are, without a doubt, a strong marketing, PR and business development tool for attorneys and law firms. That’s why Steve Markman created his valuable coaching and training programs at Markman Speaker Management, LLC—to help hundreds of lawyers land speaking engagements that boost their visibility and improve their firm’s bottom line. 

In this week's episode of Spill the Ink, thought leader, entrepreneur and speaking expert Steve Markman sits down with host Michelle Calcote King to discuss the unmatched value of speaking engagements for lawyers and law firms. Steve talks about how to identify the right speaking opportunities for you, his strategies for meeting an event organizer’s criteria, and the best practices for delivering speeches that lead to more speaking engagements. You don't want to miss this valuable episode.


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Steve Markman

Markman Speaker Management, LLC


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