Coronavirus Communications Resources for Law Firms


Law firms have a critical role to play during the COVID-19 pandemic as companies around the world grapple with a range of legal issues presented by the virus. 

As law firm marketers and PR pros are working to keep their clients informed during this unprecedented time, we are collecting resources to help. Have something to add? Email us at


How law firms should communicate about coronavirus (INKsights, Reputation Ink’s blog)

Communicating about coronavirus (COVID-19) (LinkedIn group)

Legal Marketing Association (LMA) Northeast COVID-19 focus group (Facebook group)

10 tips to help your business communicate throughout the coronavirus crisis (TNW News)

A working guide to communicating about coronavirus (PR Week)

10 best practices for communication management of covid-19 (Weinstein PR)

How to communicate when someone in your firm tests positive for coronavirus (COVID-19) (Myrland Marketing and Social Media)

Coronavirus draft messages for your business (Furia Rubel)

Lawyers and law firms, be strategic about your covid-19 guidance, insights & commentary (JD Supra)

Brand communications in time of crisis (Twitter)

Don’t hide bad news in times of crisis (Harvard Business Review)

Surviving a brand quarantine during coronavirus (AdWeek)

We got the call…an employee at our law firm was diagnosed with COVID-19 (LawVision)

First COVID-19 legal intelligence hub launches (Mind-Alliance Systems)

Writing tips

5 writing tips to ensure your firm's COVID-19 content is effective (JD Supra)

Why no one is reading your coronavirus emails (CNN)

Associated Press Stylebook coronavirus topical guide (AP Stylebook)

Business and legal implications

Coronavirus: business and legal implications (

The high demand for lawyers amid the coronavirus pandemic (ABA Journal)

Can companies be held liable when their employees fall ill with the coronavirus? (ABA Journal)

What are companies’ legal obligations around coronavirus? (Harvard Business Review)

Once coronavirus fades, global businesses are set to face new danger: a wave of lawsuits (Fortune)

How the coronavirus outbreak might affect your business contracts (KPMG)

7 steps for coronavirus litigation preparedness (ACC Docket)

What employers should consider amid the coronavirus outbreak (Forbes)

The door is open — an overview of the #makelawbetter effort, a database of legal innovators ready, willing, and able to help leaders in law navigate the coronavirus crisis (#makelawbetter)

Small law firms, take advantage of your agility in times of struggle (Legal Executive Institute)

Marketing and business development

Advice to law firm CMBDOs – thinking beyond today (LawVision)

Legal marketing in an age of uncertainty (GOOD2BSOCIAL)

How do you sell in a coronavirus environment? ({ grow })

6 tips on how to stay connected and what to say (JD Supra)

8 things you can do to develop business for your law firm during a pandemic (JD Supra)

COVID-19: 2 ways law firms can pivot marketing strategies (Scorpion)

Sales speak: Selling in times of uncertainty (Marketing the Law Firm)

How to get business online in 2020 (Law Practice Today)

Public relations

How to adapt your PR strategy for the COVID-19 outbreak (PR Daily)

Remote work

What lessons lawyers can learn from week one of working from home (The American Lawyer)

How to work from home even if you don't have coronavirus (The Verge)


Moving to a virtual law office: how to ethically 'practice in place' (AttorneyAtWork)

Ethical concerns regarding COVID-19 (Florida Bar)

Legal ethics and coronavirus: tech solutions for health, safety, and efficiency (Justia)


What to do if your marketing event was canceled because of COVID-19 (BrandPoint)


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