How strategic positioning helped an IT company communicate its unique value

Client situation

TruTechnology is a Jacksonville-based IT support provider serving small and medium businesses and nonprofits in Northeast Florida. Operating as “The Building IT Company” since 2002, the company wanted to use its name change to reflect its value and unique approach. The firm selected the name TruTechnology to reflect its model of transparency and innovation. While the new name helped with this goal, it alone wasn’t enough.

There are numerous IT service providers in any given market, but they aren’t all the same. To break through to prospective clients complacent with the status quo, TruTechnology’s message had to be clear and persuasive.

Our solution

A name change rollout and new messaging were high on our to-do list, but the first deliverable was an extensive request for proposal (RFP) response with a short timeline for getting all of the requirements written, organized and submitted.

Our team quickly sprang into action, interviewing key subject-matter experts, conducting competitive research and getting to the heart of what set TruTechnology apart from its competition.

We used solid interviewing, research and writing skills to distill the client’s complex service model into something that was not only easy to digest, but would also create a shift in thinking from “What is your response time at the help desk?” to “How can my IT increase profit and productivity?” Our messaging clearly made the case that TruTech is the viable partner for those looking to leverage their IT to do just that.

In addition to crafting the lengthy new business proposal, we also:

  • Drafted case studies, team bios and client testimonials to reflect TruTech’s value

  • Developed an editorial calendar of blog topics to attract prospective clients via an inbound marketing strategy

  • Researched relevant keywords to infuse into our content

  • Provided strategic guidance on how to effectively announce the new name to clients, partners and prospective clients

  • Wrote a name change announcement and press release


The messaging we created to effectively communicate TruTechnology’s complex model and value proposition is now being leveraged in a variety of ways to differentiate the IT innovator — including the company website, proposals, marketing collateral and other tactics used to generate new business.

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