Patterson + Sheridan

Telling a technical story and winning new business with crisp, compelling content


Patterson + Sheridan, LLP is an intellectual property law firm specializing in patent preparation and prosecution, litigation and strategic counseling for a range of innovations.


Intellectual property law is a unique segment of the legal landscape: it requires a deep understanding of engineering, technology and hard sciences. In 2012, Patterson + Sheridan wanted to revamp its website messaging to effectively position its complex services. That’s when they found us.

However, the firm soon realized that in order to stand out from the competition, it needed even more content that packed a punch.

Our solution

Writing new website copy was only the beginning. By conducting technical research and working with the firm’s subject matter experts (SMEs), we developed dynamic case studies and bios for the Patterson + Sheridan team.

Generating business with insightful case studies

Publishing short, engaging case studies — written in plain, conversational language — isn’t something many law firms do. These written examples can highlight client relationships, showcase expertise and demonstrate a firm’s ability to solve particular problems. Creating these case studies typically involves:

  • Interviewing attorneys about cases and issues

  • Conducting background research for context and detail

  • Translating the complex issues into conversational language

  • Developing a targeted marketing message around that example

We know how to ask the right questions and craft a case study that is powerful and simple at the same time. Conversational language doesn’t “dumb down” the topic, it strengthens it by making it easier to consume. No one wants to do extra work to read and understand material, even corporate counsel.

Bios that tell a story and capture attention

People don’t hire lawfirms, they hire lawyers. The most-visited and most-viewed pages on law firm websites, attorney bios are important. Yet they are typically a bulleted list of where the lawyer went to law school and every single matter he’s worked on since then.

Personal and engaging bios draw clients in and set attorneys apart. They can be a key differentiator in a crowded market. We’ve created numerous bios to showcase personalities, illustrate practice area sweet spots with specific examples, and showcase community involvement. 

By translating complex information into an easy-to-understand format, Patterson + Sheridan has built credibility and authority online and beyond. Ghost-writing articles has also saved the firm valuable time while allowing us to generate content that would otherwise go unwritten.

This clear and concise content stands out from the mass of legalese and jargon-filled writing in the legal industry, setting Patterson + Sheridan apart while being persuasive at the same time.

“When our firm was building our robust, new website, we relied on Reputation Ink to write all of its content. Their team interviewed key partners and quickly came back with well-written content that combined the human and technical aspects of our firm. I was most impressed by their ability to research and provide accurate, technical information on our various intellectual property practice areas and case studies. We will definitely continue to partner with Reputation Ink for our writing and public relations needs.”

W. Bruce Patterson
Patterson + Sheridan LLP
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