How strategic positioning and targeted web content helped a public affairs firm score its largest client


CivicPoint, a subsidiary of Frost Brown Todd LLC, is a government affairs firm headquartered in Nashville with a multi-state presence. The team of registered lobbyists and government relations strategists knew they were skilled at helping clients navigate the public policy process ethically and effectively, but needed help conveying this value in a way that would resonate with prospective clients.


In government relations, connections are everything — and often difficult to demonstrate in marketing materials. Although the majority of CivicPoint’s competitors focus on helping clients gain and leverage political capital in a single state, CivicPoint’s five-state footprint meant it not only needed to prove excellence in each individual market, but also convey the value of a multi-state presence and deep relationships within each state. As an added challenge, CivicPoint had to overcome any negative assumptions about the lobbying industry by clearly conveying values of transparency and responsiveness.

Our solution

CivicPoint came to us in 2014 for help navigating these obstacles and communicating its position online. We first mapped out CivicPoint’s website page architecture and wrote the web copy in a way that highlighted its multi-state, multi-industry services. Our team interviewed the firm’s subject-matter experts to create search-optimized pages and case studies that effectively showcased CivicPoint’s successes and strengths.

We wrote copy for additional marketing materials to complement the website, including state-specific brochures to be used by the firm’s satellite offices.

CivicPoint attributes winning its largest client to how clearly and effectively the website communicated its value proposition. The team’s state offices continue to rely upon the website and other informational materials to effectively market to prospective clients.

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