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What does the best version of your website look like to your clients? Should your header be more prominent, or is it better to focus on creating more content? While you could continue to guess which elements of your website will lead to more leads and conversions, there is a more effective and accurate strategy: A/B testing. 

Chris Dayley, the Owner of Smart CRO, has doubled conversion rates for his clients using A/B testing. He understands that the market is continually evolving, so companies have to change their methodologies to keep up. With his A/B testing strategies, you can create an adaptable website that stands out, attracts high-quality leads, and converts users into clients today. 

In this week's episode of Spill the Ink, host Michelle Calcote King interviews Chris Dayley, a Neuromarketer and the Owner of Smart CRO, about how to use A/B testing to generate leads and boost conversions on your website. Chris shares the ins and outs of Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO), the details behind his strategic website layout, and the ideal budget your firm should set for A/B testing. Stay tuned for more.


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Chris Dayley

Smart CRO


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