Kevin Aschenbrenner
Senior Director, Public Relations

Accomplished expert with global perspective

Kevin is a seasoned PR and communications consultant with more than two decades of experience. His background includes more than 20 years focused on the professional services sector, particularly law firms. Kevin has worked with firms from across the United States and Canada, as well as in the EU, UK and China. His clients range from boutique, speciality, or mid-level firms to members of the Am Law 25. He has represented Fortune 500 consumer products companies, colleges and universities, start-ups and technology companies, non-profits, authors and speakers.  

Unmatched skill for simplifying complexity

With a passion for words, Kevin is an accomplished, versatile writer. He is in his element when he's tapping away at his keyboard, whether it's crafting blog posts, feature articles, website bios or practice area descriptions. He finds thrill in discovering just the right way to describe what his clients do or forming the perfect phrase to express a complex concept in an accessible way. 

Kevin holds a bachelor's degree from Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, B.C. and a master's degree from Holy Names University in Oakland, California.