Kathryn Bracho
Account Coordinator

We all have that friend who knows whether it’s “who” or “whom,” right? Yeah, that’s Kathryn — and sorry, she’s not sorry. For more than two decades, she used her passion for writing as an award-winning broadcast journalist, telling thousands of stories for an audience of millions. 

Kathryn was a morning news anchor for more than 20 years at WBAY-TV in Green Bay, Wisconsin. That 2:45 a.m. alarm was tough, but she loved sharing complex information with viewers in a way that would grab their attention, even when they were making toast, packing their kids’ lunch, and putting on mascara at the same time. Today, she channels those storytelling skills to help clients reach their audiences in smart, compelling ways.

Increasing reach and interviewing right

Kathryn has worked in several newsrooms across the Midwest, developing her strong news sense for what makes a good story. Through her work with editors, she’s learned which pitches will make them take notice and applies that knowledge to amplify client stories.

Beyond broadcast, Kathryn has experience creating multimedia content for digital platforms. She jumped on the social media bandwagon long before many of her broadcast peers, growing her accounts to thousands of followers. She understands what content earns clicks and how to stop that scrolling thumb.

Kathryn has a knack for getting people to share, even when they might not feel comfortable at first. Over the years, she’s interviewed presidents, police officers and pig farmers — and a Green Bay Packer or two. She prides herself on being a great listener and a quick learner, traits that are invaluable to her clients.

Outnumbered in the best way

Kathryn lives in Wisconsin with her husband Michael, her sons Declan and Taran, and two cats, Miles and Chet. It’s a lot of male energy, but it helps her appreciate different perspectives, and she wouldn’t trade it for the world. She and her family love hiking, camping and traveling. Kathryn also enjoys taking long walks and lifting weights… and she won't turn down an evening on the couch watching Grey’s Anatomy when the boys aren’t around.


  • Former award-winning TV news anchor and reporter
  • Mom to a tween and a teen (send help!)
  • Grammar and spelling nerd
  • Summer lover (Wisconsin winters can be rough)