Daisy King
Couch Queen

Daisy, or “Lazy Daisy” as her mom Michelle calls her, is a historic Springfield rescue pup, with boxer, labrador and pitbull all mixed together to create a gentle, lazy, loving dog that graces the Rep Ink office every day.

As her nickname implies, Daisy has never said no to a nap. However, if you walk into Rep Ink’s office, she'll manage a very happy tail thump that will make any visitor feel welcome. There is one exception to Daisy’s lazy nature: When Florida’s summertime storms roll through, her thunderstorm anxiety kicks into high gear.

When she’s not snoozing on the office couch or hiding under desks from thunderstorms, Daisy hangs with her best buds, two cats named Lulu and Dixie, and enjoys sunning herself by her pool at home.